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The Elijah-Alavi Foundation was founded to ensure that all infants and children with severe food allergies and asthma have safe spaces to learn and socialize in daycare centers and schools. We intend to achieve this mission by partnering with a network of organizations and professionals to provide the training, resources, and counsel for educators and school administrators to implement policies that reduce the risk of life-threatening allergic reactions in children. The most imperative aspect of such a partnership is the shared interests in the diverse communities we serve, as every demographic represented among them depends upon us for our commitment to public health and overall well-being.

The Elijah-Alavi Foundation understands the importance of consulting reliable knowledge, expertise, and guidance in developing the most comprehensive programs to help educators and school administrators provide a safe and healthy learning environment for infants and children.

Elijah-Alavi Foundation©


"Your presence should always be felt, even when you aren't there"
-Dina Silvera

"Every Parent Should have peace of mind when they drop their kids off at school"-
Jo Frost-Supernanny

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